Trade name

Trade name          

Karinpia Co., Ltd.


Head Office

5F, Higashi-Shinsaibashi Bldg., 1-5-9, Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0083, Japan

Tel: +81-6-6244-3996

Fax: +81-6-6244-3990


Tokyo Sales Office

Annex to Doshisha Corporation Tokyo Head Office, 1-8-10, Higashi-Ohi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011, Japan

Tel: +81-3-3474-6844

Fax: +81-3-3474-6857

Representative:     Yasuaki Nakamatsu, Chairman

                                Kazuhiro Niki, President

Employees:            52

Establishment:      January 5, 1996

Incorporation:       June 7, 1999

Capital:                  145,250,000 yen

Fiscal year end:      March 31

Insurances:              Product liability insurance (manufacturing and distribution)


Osaka Head Office

7 minutes’ walk from Osaka Metro “Shinsaibashi” station (Exit 4B)

5 minutes’ walk from Osaka Metro “Nagahoribashi” station (Exit 7)

Tokyo Sales Office

7 minutes’ walk from TWR Rinkai Line “Shinagawa Seaside” station (Exit B)

10 minutes’ walk from Keikyu Main Line “Aomono-yokochō” station

15 minutes’ walk from Tōkyu Ōimachi Line or JR Keihin-Tōhoku Line “Ōimachi” station


Brief History

​January   1996         Founded in Ikeda City, Osaka, as a private business under the trade name Karinpia”

June        1999         Incorporated with a capitalization of 20 million yen

July          2006         Affiliated with Doshisha Corporation

                                  Tsuyoshi Hirono  appointed President

                                  Capital increased by 15 million yen to 145.25 million yen

April        2007          New personnel system and company rules established (“Second Foundation”)

July          2007          Head Office relocated from Nishi-ku to Chuo-ku (Higashi-Shinsaibashi), Osaka

February 2008          Started outsourcing logistics operations to Doshisha Logistics Corporation

May         2008          Yasuaki Nakamatsu  appointed President

June        2008          Data checking system using portable terminals introduced for better logistics quality

June        2011          Certified for ISO 14001

August    2016          Tokyo Sales Office  opened in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

April        2020           Yasuaki Nakamatsu  appointed Chairman

                                   Kazuhiro Niki  appointed President

Net Sales


The 1st business year (FY ended May 31, 2000)              160 million yen

The 2nd business year (FY ended May 31, 2001)             420 million yen

The 3rd business year (FY ended May 31, 2002)             810 million yen

The 4th business year (FY ended May 31, 2003)              1,020 million yen

The 5th business year (FY ended May 31, 2004)              980 million yen

The 6th business year (FY ended May 31, 2005)              990 million yen

The 7th business year (FY ended May 31, 2006)              830 million yen

The 8th business year (FY ended March 31 2007)            921 million yen 

The 9th business year (FY ended March 31, 2008)           1,407 million yen

The 10th business year (FY ended March 31, 2009)         1,786 million yen

The 11th business year (FY ended March 31, 2010)         1,721 million yen

The 12th business year (FY ended March 31, 2011)         2,056 million yen

The 13th business year (FY ended March 31, 2012)         2,781 million yen

The 14th business year (FY ended March 31, 2013)         3,214 million yen

The 15th business year (FY ended March 31, 2014)         3,469 million yen

The 16th business year (FY ended March 31, 2015)         4,017 million yen

The 17th business year (FY ended March 31, 2016)         4,074 million yen

The 18th business year (FY ended March 31, 2017)         4,026 million yen

The 19th business year (FY ended March 31, 2018)         4,805 million yen

The 20th business year (FY ended March 31, 2019)         5,514 million yen

The 21th business year (FY ended March 31, 2020)         5,022 million yen

The 22st business year (FY ended March 31, 2021)         6,332 million yen

The 23st business year (FY ended March 31, 2022)         6,500 million yen (plan)



 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Namba Branch


 Sold to                 Category 1 Products: Leading 100-yen store operators

                               Category 2 Products: Prestigious specialty stores

Sourced from        China, India, Vietnam, and Japan

Message from the President

It gives me great pleasure to greet you all on behalf of everyone at Karinpia Co., Ltd.


As a concierge for a life of affluence and wellbeing, we at Karinpia wish to keep our customers inspired with products that meet the needs of the times.


Many people tend to believe that making products is “something difficult.” But you don’t have to be special to be creative. The feeling of awe when you see beautiful scenery or the tug on your heart during emotional scenes in a film; it is this kind of pure heart that we all have within us that we need to start making something.


Addressing the three aspects of business, i.e., planning, manufacturing, and marketing, with a natural attitude, we plan products that make everyday life better, enrich people’s minds, and inspire their dreams, while shaping the times and representing people’s ethos by acting flexibly.


After becoming affiliated with Doshisha Corporation (listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) on July 25, 2006, we have reinforced our management foundations even further and enhanced our system for end-to-end operational management from product planning and development to delivery.


In the world today where things are changing so fast that people often lose sight of the richness of their heart and mind, we will remain focused on the planning and development of “genuine” products without being misled by the flood of information. We continue to challenge ourselves to become a company that contributes to humanity, the global environment, and a bright future.


Kazuhiro Niki


Karinpia Co., Ltd.